About Us

EdukitNetwork is the first known multi level marketing network focussing on educational development.

Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world -Madiba

An investment in knowledge Pays the best interest! - Benjamin Franklin

Everyone should be concerned about the failure level in WAEC and NECO. Edukit agrees that the causes of failure
in the Examinations are due to:

  • Inadequate Study Habit on the part of students
  • Bad Teachers
  • Lack of Science Practical activities
  • Distractions in the Society
  • Distractions from the Digital Age; Video, Gaming, Social Media etc
  • Inadequate Assessments
  • Government, Parents, Peer influence, etc

EDUKITNETWORK is set to tackle these problems with our bundle of products which can be retailed by members at a discount.

Welcome to EDUKIT Network, the first known Multiple Level Marketing Network focussing on Educational development. Knowledge is power for transformation and progress! If Africa is a Dark Continent, the propagation of education will bring about light for her illumination and glory!

Membership Categories start from Member, through Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Membership progression is by enlisting others into the Network and acquiring Points from buying and selling activities.

CAUTION: This Network is not for you if you do not believe in the value of Education!

The late Sage, Uncle Bola Ige posted this in his Office: “If you think Education is expensive, try Ignorance”! This Network is for those who feel unhappy about the state of Education and want to do something about it! Good news is that you can do your little bit by becoming a blessing to someone and getting blessed in the process.

Because Edukit is a Multi Level Marketing Outfit, there is the element of Residual Income after you do not feel like or become unable to get involved in dynamic economic activity again! The secret to this is the recruitment and training of younger “Down lines”, who will continue with aggressive marketing and conversion of people!